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Are you an academic establishment?

Join over 2,400 schools and universities around the world by converting your student card to the international ISIC standard recognized by UNESCO .

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Your ISIC co-branded student card is completely customizable , the design and functionality adapt precisely to your needs – the ADVANTAGES?

Strengthen your image and assert your international dimension

  • The only student card recognized by UNESCO and deployed in 135+ countries, your ISIC co-branded student card reflects and reinforces your international educational strategy .

  • Your establishment joins the global community of ISIC partner schools and universities, thus promoting international collaborations and academic exchanges .

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Optimize the operational management of your student ID card


  • After choosing the design of your card, you keep the printing and personalization or delegate the entire process to us.

  • You can opt for a 100% digital student card format, hosted in the ISIC App, or integrated into your own App.

  • You simplify the process, optimize your costs and reduce your deadlines.

Choose to integrate additional features

Thanks to our specialized partners, we support you in setting up a multi-service card, including:

  • Access control and identity verification at the entrance and within your establishment - the appropriate technological solutions are integrated into the card (RFID chip, magnetic strip, QR code, etc.) to deliver a complete turnkey solution. hand or interphase with your existing systems.

  • The payment functionality : you contribute to financial inclusion by deploying a tripartite card: student card in your colors, ISIC co-branded, associated with a bank account and allowing payment at merchants.

  • Packaged school insurance offers.

  • Turnkey communication campaigns for your students: emailing, In App messaging, Push notifications, newsletter, campus tour, etc.

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Deliver a card with high added value to your students and teachers:


  • You strengthen the academic learning , employability and self-confidence of your students thanks to ISIC discounts on language courses, online libraries, specialized software, job search advice and even development exercises staff.

  • You give your students turnkey access to 150,000+ discounts and good deals in Morocco and around the world for all their expenses (transport, food, sport, leisure, shopping, travel, etc.).

  • You allow your students to prove their student status wherever they are thanks to the global presence of ISIC and the recognition of the card by UNESCO.

  • You have the opportunity to also deploy a co-branded card for your teachers (ITIC card) and/or your alumni (IYTC card).

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Our strategic partners

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Examples of ISIC co-branded academic cards in Morocco

Montage carte RBS - QR code 1.png
montage cobrand ESSEM ISIC plastique.png
cobrand APEMA plastique.png
montage carte ISIC plastique ADE ENSAMC.png
montage carte plastique ISIC EDEMIA.png
montage cobrand ESSEM ITIC plastique.png
montage MEDECINCASA ISIC plastique.png
montage carte plastique ITIC EDEMIA.png
montage card plastique ISIC AIESEC.png
cobrand PEEP-ISIC.png
montage CAMxENA plastique.png

Examples in France among the 190 schools and universities having chosen to issue an ISIC co-branded card:

Visuels cobrand academiques.jpg

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