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Your ISIC co-branded student card

More than 2,400 schools and universities around the world have chosen to distribute to their students the student card in the format co-branded with ISIC.

You too benefit from the main advantages:

  • You reinforceyour international dimension: your ISIC co-branded student card reflects and accompanies your international educational strategy

  • you affirmthe name of your establishment and its “brand”with your relational network, your teachers, your colleagues and your students


  • You benefit your students by giving thema card with high usage valueto develop their mobility and student life


  • Youoptimize processesprinting, personalization and distribution of your student card


  • You benefit fromtechnological applicationsRFID chips


  • You have the option of switching to a100% digital solution

  • You get apackaged product and servicesoffered by ISIC, the world expert in the student segment.


Your teachers can also benefit from ISIC advantages and reductions, also choose the ITIC co-branded teacher card.

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Examples of ISIC co-branded academic cards in Morocco

Montage carte RBS - QR code 1.png
montage cobrand ESSEM ISIC plastique.png
cobrand APEMA plastique.png
montage carte plastique ISIC EDEMIA.png
montage cobrand ESSEM ITIC plastique.png
montage MEDECINCASA ISIC plastique.png
montage carte plastique ITIC EDEMIA.png
montage card plastique ISIC AIESEC.png
cobrand PEEP-ISIC.png
montage carte ISIC plastique ADE ENSAMC.png

Some examples below in France among the 190 schools and universities that have chosen to issue an ISIC co-branded card:

Visuels cobrand academiques.jpg
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